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Volunteers Needed in June!

by Bev Kashino
May 2023, Volume 74, Issue 5

NVC Foundation Pie Baking Volunteers and Homemade Bakery Donations Requested

Greetings everyone! Thank you to all those who volunteered last year, to make our Bakery Booth a success!  As in the past, all proceeds will go toward the NVC/NVC Foundation Scholarship Funds!

This year, we will again sell Pies and Homemade-Baked Goods on a Take-Out basis only.  Volunteers are requested for:

• Saturday, June 24th:  Apple Pie Bakers (No prior experience needed!).   Approximately 10 volunteers needed (9am-2pm).
• Sunday, June 25th:  Bakery Booth Sales.  Approximately 4 afternoon volunteers needed.

We also would appreciate more homemade baked goods this year. Please contact Bev Kashino at (206) 488-6678 or bkashino@msn.com, if you have questions.

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance!