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Thank you for a Cup of Joe!

February 2023, Volume 74, Issue 2

NVC has joined "Cup of Joe for a Joe", a Green Beans Coffee program that allows you to thank a member of the armed forces for their service with a hot, fresh cup of Green Beans Coffee and a personal message at over three dozen overseas bases where Green Beans Coffee has an outlet.

Here are some of the messages the NVC has received from Troops wanting to thank you for sending them a Cup of Joe!

Thank you for your support! You’re helping make one of the few luxuries we have out here more affordable. Thank you!

            Service member serving in Iraq

Thanks so much for the Cup of Joe. Green Beans coffee is the only luxury available over here, so your gift is very much appreciated. Thanks again!

           1SG Shattuck serving in Iraq

Thank you for your support! This will help me power through my night flight in the Middle East.

            Service member serving in Qatar

It is an honor. Thank you for the cup of coffee. It’s actually chilly this morning and my day is made!

            Service member serving in Kuwait

Thank you! Semper Fi.

            Travis serving in Qatar

Thank you so much!

            Service member serving in Kuwait

Thank you for your generosity and it’s an honor to protect and server our nation.

            Service member serving in Qatar

You’re awesome! That made my day.

            Service member serving in Kuwait

Acknowledgements also received from service members serving in:

Djibouti, Qatar (2)

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To send your own Cup of Joe, go to: