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Volunteer Opportunities at NVC

by Commander Mike Yaguchi
December 2022, Volume 73, Issue 11

We could sure use some help with many different projects and tasks. Some require a volunteer to be physically at the NVC Memorial Hall, but the vast majority can be done remotely (i.e., in the comfort of your home).  

Opportunities at NVC Memorial Hall

Sign-up to do a walk-through inspection of the Hall (interior). We're looking to garner enough volunteers to sign up to walk through the Hall to ensure the exterior doors are locked; interior doors are closed; all the interior lights are off, and electronic equipment is turned-off, and to see if any other issues need attention. The time of day is totally up to the volunteer.

We're going to start quarterly Hall tidy-up projects. We'll concentrate on one area of the Hall (e.g., remove wall markings in the front entrance; dust and clean the baseboards in one room). Most of these projects are superb opportunities for students to fulfill community service obligations. We'll keep the project start-to-finish time to under two hours.

We could use some help taking inventory of all assets inside the Hall. Taking inventory of all Hall assets is a long-term project, but if we can garner enough volunteers, the project should only take a few months to complete. We'll provide a link to a cloud-based inventory list so volunteers can enter or send their data directly to the cloud. 

Projects/Tasks Accomplished Remotely

We've begun writing short biographies about all the American veterans of Japanese ancestry (JA) interred at Evergreen-Washelli cemetery. This project is long-term, and we are fortunate to have four volunteers already working on this. We aim to provide Troop 252 Scouts with a biography booklet when they place a US Flag at every JA veteran gravesite as part of their pre-Memorial Day project.

Committees (Remote/hybrid meetings)

We need to add new volunteers to several committees to help build continuity of these vital programs: Annual Memorial Day Service Committee; Annual Veterans Day Event Committee; Chow Mein Dinner Planning Committee; Children's Holiday Party Committee; Building Maintenance Committee; and Newsletter Committee.

I'm forming two special committees of short duration. A special committee, the "Investment Strategy Committee," will review and update our current investment strategy. Additionally, we'll need to ensure this is aligned with a strategic financial plan to help create revenue from our portfolio while preserving the principal funds. If you have professional expertise in securities management/investment, consider joining this limited-duration committee.

The second special committee, the "Building Review Board," will review the new building management plan and update a cloud-based continuity folder with their recommendations.

If you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to "commander.nvc.seattle@gmail.com"