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January 2022, Volume 72, Issue 1

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NVC Air Conditioning Duct Vandalism

NVC has been relatively inactive since the beginning of our pandemic, but there was one event that happened in early June, 2021. An unidentified male attempted to enter our building through the air conditioning system located on our roof. The intruder crawled about 10 feet into the gym duct and pushed open the vent cover to the gym. 


NVC Commander's Column

We have some essential issues to tackle this year.  Some involve the pandemic protocols about Memorial Hall, but another big subject involves the physical perimeter security of the property. We are currently examining the cost and benefit of installing more fencing across the parking lot, including an automated gate. 

NVC Foundation President's Column

I am leading off my column this month with the well-known graphic symbol, designed by Frank Shobo Fujii, in support of the first Day of Remembrance in Seattle in 1978. This symbol helped to open a whole new dimension of understanding – how the internment collectively affected all of us. 

Apply for NVC Foundation 2022 Scholarship

The NVC Foundation Scholarship Program will award up to five (5) $3,000 higher education scholarships in 2022. Four scholarships will be awarded through the Nisei Veterans Committee and NVC Foundation. The fifth scholarship will be awarded in commemoration of Colonel Jimmie Kanaya, a highly decorated 442nd Regimental Combat Team medic, known for his leadership and role as an educator.