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September 2021, Volume 71, Issue 8

In Appreciation of Nisei Lunch – Keith Yamaguchi and Nisei Luncheon Volunteers
Grace Uomoto

In Appreciation of NVC Newsletter
Fumi Nakamura

In Memory of Happy and Sue Fujikado
Nancy and Joe Schneider

In Memory of Alfred Fujimoto
Ronald and Cynthia Hiraki
Peggy Hanada

In Memory of Naomi Kakiuchi
Denise and Les Inaba
Dale and Shiz Kaku
Tomio and Jenny Moriguchi
Fumi Nakamura

In Memory of and In Appreciation of Naomi Kakiuchi
Louise Matsumoto

In Memory of Pat Nakamura
Arlene Kadoshima
Dale and Shiz Kaku

In Memory of Curtis Takamura
Frieda Takamura

In Memory of Sojiro Takamura
Frieda Takamura