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2021 NVC Golf Tournament

by Rick Takeuchi
September 2021, Volume 71, Issue 8

After a one-year absence due to precautions taken because of the COVID-19 Virus, the annual NVC Golf Tournament returned for 2021.

The weather was perfect for the 60 golfers who participated in the tournament at Foster Golf Course in Tukwila, Washington. For safety measures due to the ongoing Virus concerns, the usual sit-down dinner and awards presentation after the tournament was not held at Nisei Vet’s Hall.  In its place, the golfers picked up their Rib Steak Dinners at Nisei Vet’s Hall in to-go containers prepared by Steve Louie and Terry Takeuchi, and the Awards were picked up by the Placement and KP winners at Terry’s Kitchen.

Women’s Flight Results:

1st: Nancy Fukuhara, 63 net
2nd: MJ Mitoma, 66 net
3rd: Lilly Tokita, 67 net
4th: Beth Kawahara, 68 net
5th: Carol Shinbo, 69 net
KP on #9: No One
KP on #16: Chikako Gaboury, 7’ 6.5”

Men’s 2nd Flight Results:

1st: Frank Uchida, 64 net
2nd: Harry Nishimoto, 67 net
3rd: Dale Watanabe, 67 net
4th: Ross Yokoyama, 69 net
5th: Victor Mizumori, 71 net.
KP on #9: Gary Takeuchi, Hole-In-One (Shot of the Day)
KP on #16: Tom Takahashi, 30’ 8”

Men’s 1st Flight Results:

1st: Mun Taketa, 66 net
2nd: Bruce Abe, 66 net
3rd: Jon Shimada, 68 net
4th: Jeff Ko, 68 net
5th: Bruce Kaneshiro, 69 net.
KP on #9: Jeff Nakasone, 15’ 9”
KP on #16: Allan Fukuyama, 17’ 5”

NVC Veteran Low Net for the NVC Perpetual Trophy: Dale Kaku, 70 net. 

For all ties, tie breakers were used to determine all final placements.

Special Thanks to the volunteers who helped make the 2021 NVC Golf Tournament a safe and successful event: MJ Mitoma, Geri Lynne Egeler, Kerry Taniguchi, Taylor Terao, Victor Mizumori, Ryan Takeuchi, Rick Takeuchi, Steve Louie, Terry Takeuchi, and Bryan Takeuchi.

A BIG THANKS to all the golfers who participated.  See you in 2022!

2021 NVC Golf Tournament Committee