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NVC Commander's Column

by Mike Yaguchi
August 2021, Volume 71, Issue 7

Over the past several months, we’ve written and re-written plans to open NVC Memorial Hall.  Some of the procedures we’ve developed and tested with a few groups has led to a better set of procedures to open and close the Hall.  But … the Delta variant has caused us to take another respite from fully opening the Hall.  I know it is frustrating for everyone, but everyone’s safety is paramount. 

The feedback I received from a last-minute decision to open the Hall (Aug 12-13) as a cooling center for our most vulnerable members was super positive.  We set-up Lefty’s Room with beverages and snacks (it looked like an airline lounge) and relocated the tables to comply with CDC and county public health guidelines.  The NVC Board will examine if this should be a standing policy going forward.

Finally, I appreciate the Taiko Group and the Nisei Luncheon crew for working with the COVID19-Hall Opening Committee to test our sanitizing and room opening procedures.  It made all the difference, and we even procured a few pieces of equipment to make the ‘chore’ easier, more effective, and practical too.  Thank you so much.  Please stay safe and healthy, be kind, and keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers.