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NVC Foundation President's Column

June 2021, Volume 71, Issue 6

Since the founding of the Seattle Nisei Veterans Committee in 1946, the newsletter has been an important publication to keep our membership and the broader Community informed about our activities and current events.

While many of our members receive a copy of the newsletter by mail every month, a growing number are reading the newsletter on the NVC Foundation website as well.

The NVC newsletter is an integral part of our organization and is sustained by a dedicated group of volunteers who coordinate a complicated process to publish each edition.

We appreciate the work of Stan Shikuma, Page Tanagi, Ken Hiraiwa, Paul Murakami and the mailing crew, and of course Matsue Watanabe for your efforts to publish the monthly newsletter.  We also appreciate the support of Lisa Hasegawa and Eric Tomita of Quality Press, who provide the printing of our paper copies.  Then, there is the work of Karen Shimizu who posts the newsletter and maintains the publication archive on our NVC Foundation website.

We also appreciate the writers who provide the content for our publication and the sponsors who support us.

I’d like to highlight another publication that is central to the Japanese American Community.  Since 1904, the North American Post has been published in one form or another to provide news to our Community.  Due to the effects of the pandemic and trends in the publishing industry, they are in danger of stopping their publication.

According to Misa Murohashi of the NAP, the newspaper is being faced with financial challenges and they are launching a subscription campaign, as well as a Go Fund Me page to support their recovery.

In their latest edition online, you will see a link to our NVC Memorial Day video.  They have expanded their online presence, and you can read their publication online. 

On a personal note, the first time I lived in Japan I wrote a series of articles chronicling my experiences from a Sansei perspective.  I wrote about interesting places, interesting people, sports and sumo, and my first visit to the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima.  All of these articles were published in the North American Post.

Even today, the NAP features a “Sansei Journal” column written by David Yamaguchi.

Covering relevant events from a perspective unique to our Community, I am urging your support of the North American Post.

*         *         *         *         *

The next NVC Foundation / NVC Membership meeting will, once again, be conducted on a virtual basis via Zoom link on Friday, June 25 at 7:00 pm.  If you’d like more information about our meetings or anything else related to our organization, feel free to contact me directly at info@nvcfoundation.org and I will connect back with you.