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NVC Commander's Column

by Mike Yaguchi
June 2021, Volume 71, Issue 6

It appears we are finally emerging from the restrictions associated with the COVID19 pandemic.  As of this writing, public health officials had yet to provide any additional guidance or restrictions.  But we’re preparing policies and procedures to open NVC Memorial Hall.

A big thank you to special services chair, Bob Kiga, and to Dale Watanabe and Walt Tanimoto for the time and effort dedicated to produce a marvelous video for the 76th Annual NVC-NVCF Memorial Day service.  Unfortunately, it was a virtual event again, but our distinguished speaker, Dr. Katherine Tobin, knitted the significance of Memorial Day with the new USPS issued WWII Nisei Soldier stamp extremely well.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly encourage you to do so.  We’ve received many, many accolades from across the country.  I continue to receive notes and texts from across the country, Guam, Japan, and Germany for this impressive YouTube video.  Again, thank you Bob, Dale, and Walt for a job well done.

Troop 252 Scouts fanned out on May 29th and placed over 370 US Flags at Nisei and other JA veteran gravesites at Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery.  Thank you Scouts, Scout leaders, and Craig Omoto, son-in-law of former NVC Commander Tosh Okamoto, for their boundless energy and impressive efficiency.  Thanks also to Dale and Shiz Kaku for the tasty treats and beverages post “flag-in” activity!

A US Army Reserve restructure will reflag Charlie Company (C Co) to Joint Base Lewis McChord later this year. A group from C Co, 100 Battalion, 442 Infantry Regiment visited the Hall. The battalion executive officer; Mortar platoon leader; and the deputy commanding officer were pretty much gob smacked with the Hall and all it represents.    CSM Walden presented us their new 100 BN unit coin too.  This coin and other unique unit/organizational coins will be displayed at a future Open House. Welcome to the PNW and NVC!!!

Early June, NVC Memorial Hall was featured in a Ryan Yamamoto (KOMO morning anchor) report about WWII Nisei soldiers highlighted in the book “Facing the Mountain” and represented on the newly issued WWII Nisei Soldier “Go For Broke” FOREVER stamp.  We thank Ryan for visiting the Hall and featuring NVC’s Wall of Honor and displays in the Medal of Honor room.  You can view the news clip by visiting KOMO’s website and search for “Nisei Soldier”.  Thanks again Ryan!

I cannot thank enough the volunteers who spend their time keeping the Hall safe, clean, and in good repair, and others who continue to plan and strategize on services and programs while waiting for the day we finally reopen.  We simply cannot do this without this army of dedicated souls.  Thank you so much.  Finally, please stay safe and healthy, be kind, and keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers especially ones deployed overseas.