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NVC Commander's Column

by Mike Yaguchi
April 2021, Volume 71, Issue 4

We received a last-minute request from our Chinatown-International District neighbors to host a Community Vaccination Event at NVC Memorial Hall.  The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) Mobile Vaccination Team, a community group called Friends of Little Saigon, City of Seattle Officials, and Kerry Taniguchi worked diligently to coordinate language support and safety requirements to make this event safe for all concerned.  SFD used the gym, did the set-up and tear down, and sanitized the area too.  Over 275 ‘souls’ were vaccinated.

A big thank you to Keith and Mary Ann Yamaguchi for leading the kitchen gang for the Nisei Take-out Luncheon.  A big congrats to the newsletter graphics editor, G. Page Tanagi, on his retirement from his day job. 

Memorial Day is just around the corner – We’re in for a special treat because Dr. Katherine Tobin has agreed to be our distinguished speaker for the 76th Annual Memorial Day Service.  Dr. Tobin is on the US Postal Service Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) and is one of the ‘hidden figures’ who worked long and hard within CSAC to help secure a new USPS “Japanese American Soldiers of WWII” commemorative ‘Forever’ stamp.  USPS will release the stamp on June 3rd

As we prepare for Memorial Day, AAPI Heritage month, and the upcoming Stamp release, I’ll end with a quote from GEN Eric Shinseki, 34th Army Chief of Staff, and former Secretary of the Veterans Affairs, “The WWII Nisei Soldier left us a legacy to be proud of and a legacy to build on.”