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NVC Foundation President's Column

by David Fukuhara
December 2021, Volume 71, Issue 11

As another year, 2021, comes to a close, this month has been a time of reflection.

For most of the year, the activities of the NVC and NVC Foundation have been suspended.  Yet both organizations have been sustained by the generosity of our membership and others from our Community who value our efforts to honor the Legacy of the Nisei Veterans and their families.

With each successive generation, our shared history becomes more important – and more relevant – as it grounds us to something much larger than ourselves.   This is reflected in the many donations, comments, and volunteer support we have received over the past few years, which is much appreciated, while reaffirming our determination to honor the past while educating our future generations.

As my term as the President of the NVC Foundation is winding down, I’d like to thank all the Officers and Board members who have served the Foundation over the last 2-plus years.  Despite being restricted by the COVID pandemic, our organization has maintained a full quorum at all our meetings, and we have been extremely productive as a leadership group.

Finally, on a personal level I’d like to thank my Mom (of the Nisei generation), my sisters and their families, my friends, and especially my children (all four of them) and my wife Sandra, who have all taken care of me in one way or another over this past year.   It has been a good year, and there is so much to appreciate.

On that note, please reflect on having a HAPPY HOLIDAY AND A GREAT NEW YEAR in 2022!