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December 2021, Volume 71, Issue 11

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Minidoka Honor Roll Update

The National Park Service is updating the replica Honor Roll located at the front entrance of Minidoka National Historic Site in Jerome, Idaho. If you are a WWII veteran who was unjustly incarcerated at Minidoka, or if you are a friend or relative of such a veteran, we’d like to hear from you!


Puyallup JACL Holiday Salute

Puyallup JACL Holiday Salute to all Nisei Veterans at the Holiday Magic event on the Washington State Fairgrounds this month.

Apply for NVC Foundation 2022 Scholarship

The NVC Foundation Scholarship Program will award up to five (5) $3,000 higher education scholarships in 2022. Four scholarships will be awarded through the Nisei Veterans Committee and NVC Foundation. The fifth scholarship will be awarded in commemoration of Colonel Jimmie Kanaya, a highly decorated 442nd Regimental Combat Team medic, known for his leadership and role as an educator.

Times Have Changed for the Better Since 1945

Some of you may have heard the stories about men of 100th/442nd Regimental Combat Team, Military Intelligence Service, and other Americans of Japanese descent who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II but were denied membership in the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)...

Thank you for a Cup of Joe!

NVC has joined "Cup of Joe for a Joe", a Green Beans Coffee program that allows you to thank a member of the armed forces for their service with a hot, fresh cup of Green Beans Coffee and a personal message at over three dozen overseas bases where Green Beans Coffee has an outlet.