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NVC Foundation Donations

November 2021, Volume 71, Issue 10

General Fund
Apex Foundation for Kathy and John McAvoy
Boeing Employees Giving Fund
Brian Kaku
Lawrence Leake
Kathy McAvoy
Jacqueline Perkings
John Riess
Sandy Timmer

In Memory of Washin Murakami
Shobo and Toyo Tanaka

In Memory of Frank Nishimura
Lynn Kanaya
Rod and Kris Kawakami
George Sakai
Curtis Ueda

In Memory of Frank Okazaki
Mika and Larry Caples
Kristine Terada    

NVCF Memorial Wall – In Appreciation of Justin Tsujii
Kerrie Tsujii

Thank you for your commitment, time, and passion
Judi Masuda