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November 2021, Volume 71, Issue 10

Everyone should know their stories.  Thank you for sharing them for all of us
Elizabeth Sinclair

In Appreciation of Nisei Lunches
Tomiko and Sachiko Nakama
Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga

In Appreciation of NVC Golf Tournament/Steak Dinner
Bill and Beth Kawahara

In Appreciation of Chris Sketchley
Shawn Brinsfield

In Appreciation of Curt Yamane
Shawn Brinsfield

In Honor of Julian Hiraki’s 88th Birthday
Ronald and Cynthia Hiraki

In Honor of Frank Nishimura, a good father, a brave soldier, and a great scoutmaster
Michael, Sylvia, and Dave Otani

In Memory of Alfred Fujimoto
Kathleen Yukawa

In Memory of Naomi Kakiuchi
Marlene Ching
Bill and Beth Kawahara
Mary Ann Mizokawa

In Memory of Joe Manabu
Leslie and Nilo Evangelista

In Memory of Sachiko Murakami
Robert Murakami

In Memory of Washin Murakami
Bruce and Janice Abe
Linda Ishii
Jolene Louie
George and Irene Mano
Patti Merz
Eddie and Linda Shimizu
Nori Suguro
Kay Tokunaga

In Memory of Pat Nakamura
Bill and Beth Kawahara
Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga
Elaine and Pauline Yoshida

In Memory of Frank Nishimura
Takashi Akiyama and Nancy Fujimoto
Ronald and Cynthia Hiraki
Dale and Shiz Kaku
Emiko Suyehiro
Tosh and Dolly Tokunaga
Don and Fuyo Yoshida
Kathleen, Bob, Steve, and Peter Yukawa

In Memory of Kats Okamoto
Kathy Hasegawa

In Memory of Bret Walker – US Army
Lillian Hiyama

In Memory of Kaoru Yamada – Tule Lake
Lillian Hiyama

NVCF Memorial Wall Upkeep
Lillian Hiyama