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JAVA Research Team Needs Your Help!

by Japanese American Veterans Association
October 2021, Volume 71, Issue 9

Your JAVA Research Team (JRT) is looking for assistance to the questions below.

  1. In the Pacific Theater, Nisei on the front lines obtained intelligence information which disclosed enemy attack plans. This actionable intelligence was passed to Caucasian commanders who used this intelligence to prepare counter attacks. The value of the intelligence was it saved American lives and won battles. Do you know, or know of someone who knows, of any living company, battalion, regimental, or division commander who benefited from the intelligence produced by Nisei?  
  1. At the end of WW II, Caucasians who served alongside the Nisei MISers spoke publicly to support Nisei on their return to their homes on the West Coast.  Do you know, or know of someone who knows, the names of such Caucasian soldiers?

Can you help us? If so, please email javapotomac@gmail.com. Thank you!