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New Gym Lights Brighter, More Energy Efficient

by Dale Kaku
September 2020, Volume 70, Issue 8

During the COVID-19 shutdown, we have continued to maintain and upgrade our NVC Hall.  Since the renovation of our Hall in 2008, we have changed the mercury vapor gymnasium lights only once, in 2012.  The gym lights were again burning out and needed to be replaced.  Rather than replace the current light bulbs, the NVC board decided to replace them with the more energy efficient LED lights.  In addition to being much more efficient, the LED light turn on instantly without electrical interference with our audio/visual systems in the gym. The LEDs are also much brighter than the old lights and will have a much longer life. 

The installation required a technician to electrically bypass the ballasts in existing light fixtures and replacing the old bulbs with LEDs. Using an electric lift, the light fixtures were replaced in two days.