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NVC Foundation President's Column

by David Fukuhara
August 2020, Volume 70, Issue 7

As the current President of the NVC Foundation, I assumed the responsibilities of this office in March of 2020 in the most uncertain of times.  The COVID pandemic has since shut down all of society, including our traditional activities and the entire NVC Hall along with it.

Yet this pandemic has not diminished the commitment of our Board and Membership, in honoring the Legacy of the Nisei Veterans and honoring the spirit of our Issei and Nisei generations.

The NVC Foundation Board is comprised of 6 Officers, 12 Board Members plus 2 Ex-Officio Past Presidents, who are all actively involved.  This Board of 2020 is a diverse group including long serving members, new members, male, female, Sansei, and Yonsei - who all have professional distinction.  It’s an honor to serve with all of these people.

Board members Dale Watanabe and Dean Hoshizaki are setting up our NVCF Microsoft Teams account, which will allow us to convene full Membership meetings online.  We are hoping to have our first open, virtual meeting for our Foundation Membership on September 25, 2020, so save the date.

Bev Kashino and Kerry Taniguchi are working on a plan that will enhance our Memorial Wall with needed repairs and new design features.

Also, Shawn Brinsfield is leading the effort to commemorate and honor the many decades of service by Doug Tsujii, who always volunteered behind the scenes with audio/visual technician support at our functions.

Of course, our Foundation continues to work closely with the NVC organization as well.  We collaborated on the virtual Chow Mein Dinner fundraiser and the farewell video and gift to the departing Counsel General of Japan in Seattle, Yoichiro Yamada.  Yamada-san had a deep understanding of our Japanese American history and was a strong supporter of the NVC and NVC Foundation.

We are also focusing our joint efforts on designing and installing a security fence around the NVC Hall and Memorial Wall.  Many thanks to our volunteers who have been cleaning around the Hall, while enduring the horrible and dangerous items of trash and waste accumulated by the transient population in the area.

This month, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with a number of Nisei from our Community about the activities of the NVC and the NVC Foundation.  Some have expressed confusion about the existence of two separate organizations, when both are working so closely toward the same goals.

As Foundation President, I thoroughly enjoy working with the dedicated leadership of the NVC organization.  Yet what stands in the way of our mutual productivity and efficiency is the bureaucracy and unnecessary administration of operating two separate organizations.

So, I am pleased to announce the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the NVC and the NVC Foundation.  This MOU charts a course to further explore the possibilities of consolidating both groups into one unified organization, as existed before.

With support from Harold Taniguchi as facilitator, we are excited to move forward with this exploratory process.  So, if you have any comments or feedback to be considered in our consolidation discussions, please send them to either Walt Tanimoto, NVC Commander, or myself.

Will talk to you next month!