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Shiro Kashino Memorial Scholarship Fund Thanks Supporters

by The Kashino Family
June 2020, Volume 70, Issue 6

Plans to conclude the Fund over next few years

A few years ago, our mother marveled at the fact that we had surpassed the 20-year goal she had set for the Shiro Kashino Scholarship.  She took great pride in presenting the award each year to the deserving young students, many who were grandchildren or great grandchildren of her friends. 

Now in 2020, our family feels it is time to conclude the scholarship program asking the NVC Foundation to make plans to begin a new program that will honor all founding members of the original Nisei Veterans.  This transition may take a couple of years to complete, but our family felt it was important to let our friends and donors know of this.

The Shiro Kashino Scholarship generates donations each year, and we are committed to honoring the donors’ intent, by continuing to give out scholarships in our father’s name until the funds are depleted.  We anticipate it will take two to three years to accomplish this.

In the meantime, the NVC Foundation will no longer accept donations to this fund.  In its place, you are encouraged to send donations to a NVCF Scholarship Fund, which will be named at a later date. 

Our family wants to thank all the friends and donors who have supported this program for the last 23 years.  Though our father was a modest man, we feel sure he would have been amazed at how many students have benefited from this award. 

We also want to thank the original Shiro Kashino Scholarship Committee which was formed shortly after our father’s death in 1997.  Headed by Bill Nishimura to raise funds, they included: Art Abe, George Morihiro, Tosh Okamoto, Salty Mizuta, Dick Naito, Harry Kadoshima, Ron Mamiya, Bill Ishii, Ken Nakano, George Yamane, and Debbie Kashino.

In conclusion, we could not have had such a successful program without all the past and present Shiro Kashino Scholarship Judging Committee members.  We want to thank them for their hard work and dedication to this program for so many years.  This committee was headed by Debbie Kashino with members: Louise Kashino, May Sasaki, Kris Hiraoka, Wendy Coombs, Diane Yoshihara, and Carmen Tsuboi Chan.

Shiro Kashino Memorial Scholarship Awardees

1998--Tyrone Nakawatase, Leslie Inaba 

1999--Rick Nishimura, Kim Wittman, Evan Harano     

2000--Kyle Chow, Mia Bradshaw

2001--Garrett Nakawatase, Nathan Shimizu, Evan Kaseguma, Adam French 

2002--Adriane Peralta, Charissa Okamoto, Jenna Hikida, Danielle Higa 

2003—Marisa Kashino, Dana Takeuchi, Korri Shimizu, Mark Bradshaw 

2004--Mariko Toyoji, Adrienne Matsudaira, Carrie Okura

2005--Colin Ikeda, Amy Hashiguchi, Alex Higa, Jason Takisaki

2006--Jayme Mori, David Nishimura, Hailey Mitsui, Tricia Omoto

2007--Kristen Munechika, Mika Tsuboi, Richard Yagi, Brandon Izutsu 

2008--Sammy Davis

2009--Rachel Nakanishi, Emily Wentzke, Lian Louie 

2010--Tana Watanabe, Andy Akada

2011--Robert Takeuchi, Mika Tanagi, Kyle Fukuhara, Brandon Uchimura

2012--Jordan Kiga, Brianna Ishihara, Kevin Fukuhara, Lane Shigihara

2013--Lauren Lane, Ryan Takeuchi 

2014--Michelle Tsuboi, Justin Takeuchi, Karli Louie

2015--Taylan Yuasa 

2016--Kelly Yoshihara, Kacey Higa, Jayna Van Stone

2017--Danielle Hirano, Emi Nakashima, Aaron Ramos


2019--Jeremy Miyake, Drew Deguchi, Alexa Yamane, Mark Yamane, Ren Watanabe

2020--Hailey Hirano, Matthew Lee, Mari Okumoto, Devon Yamane