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June 2020, Volume 70, Issue 6

General Donation

Choi, Gayle and Richard
Leake, Lawrence
Shoji, Mr. and Mrs.
Tran-Thien, Xuan-Trang

In Appreciation of Monthly NVC Senior Luncheon
Tanagi, Shig and Fay
Tsuboi, Sab

In Memory of Midori Chikamura
Shimono, Donald and Elaine

In Memory of Hank Nishimura
Shimono, Donald and Elaine

In Memory of John Tanino
Hammond, Doug and Eileen

In Memory of Yoshio Teshima
Shinoda Mettler, Anne

In Memory of Richard M. Yoshida
Sawa, Kiyo and Dianne

In Tribute to the Virtual NVC Memorial Day Service
Nagaki, Junior and Nakamura, Janice