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NVC Commander's Column

by Walter Tanimoto
May 2020, Volume 70, Issue 5

Greetings and Happy May 2020 and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

The Vet’s Hall is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but that does not mean nothing is happening.  There are several things happening behind the scenes that many of you may not know about.  I thank the following volunteers: 

  • Shiz Kaku for coming to the Vet’s Hall several times a week to process our mail and do banking and other administrative work.
  • Geri Lynne Egeler for coming in several times a week to process donated items for the collection and for helping out with video projects.
  • PJ Sugamura for keeping our financial records straight and paying our recurring bills.
  • Rick Takeuchi for coming in at least once a week to process donations and write our donation response letters.
  • Kerry Taniguchi for working on building compliance inspections and updates with the City of Seattle.
  • Stan Shikuma, Page Tanagi, Ken Hiraiwa, Paul Murakami, and Karen Shimizu for working on the newsletter. Stan, Page, and Ken get the newsletters ready to print.  Paul picks up the newsletter, and with some help gets it ready to mail without violating the COVID-19 restrictions.  Each month Karen posts the newsletter on our website.
  • Special thanks to Dale Kaku, Kerry, and Melvin for coming in on a Friday and Saturday to pressure wash the parking lot, paint parking lines, and do some weeding.  I also want to thank David Fukuhara, President of the NVC Foundation for donating a special cleaner to wash away stubborn areas of the parking lot and front entry.

May marks two important anniversaries; the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day) and the 75th anniversary of the NVC Memorial Day Service.  I thank the men and women Nisei veterans who served during WWII.  Your service and sacrifices are not forgotten.  Regardless of your posting stateside or oversees in Europe, your contributions during WWII, and the example you set then are still revered today. 

May 2020 we also celebrate the 75th Annual NVC Memorial Day Service honoring service members killed in action or who died of wounds sustained during a war or conflict.  The Memorial Day Service has been a tradition since 1946, and the COVID-19 restrictions did not stop us from honoring the fallen service member.  Look for full article next month, and I hope you enjoyed the virtual service.

We have all missed some things these last couple of months - important events, family, and friends. We need to keep reminding ourselves that what we are experiencing now is just a moment in time.

COVID-19 has changed so much in our lives. But what has not changed is the NVC’s and my sincere appreciation and recognition of your work and your commitment to the NVC.

I am proud of the work we do and the fact that we have embraced staying home and staying healthy. We are all doing our part and social distancing. 

Your commitment and support during this time is both inspiring and encouraging. The work we do at the NVC matters and it is going to matter even more in the months to come. Honoring past veterans’ service and carrying on their legacy has never been more important.

Stay Home and Stay Healthy!

Walt Tanimoto