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My Final Act as President of NVC Foundation

by Warren Higa
April 2020, Volume 70, Issue 4

Amidst all the challenges of our everchanging world, I am looking forward enthusiastically to the future of the NVC Foundation. We most recently capped the election of new officers and board members during the February General Meeting with a unanimous decision to approve the strong slate of NVC Foundation Officers and Board of Directors.  When I agreed to take the position as President of the NVC Foundation the organizational platform from which we manage our affairs was challenged. These challenges led us to set our sights forward. We focused on addressing fundamental organizational issues in parallel with close examination of organizational policies. We set out in search of improvement opportunities to boost and stabilize fundamental business processes and discover initiatives to stimulate future programs with a positive spirit of working in community. Although I cannot say that we achieved all of our objectives over the past three years, I am optimistic that the incoming NVCF Officers and Board members will continue the mission and move the organization forward to even greater heights.

I would like to share my gratitude and encouragingly commend the Board of Director’s Nominating Committee for their work in administrating recommended guidelines, in alignment with Robert’s Rules of Order Revised, to retain and enroll an outstanding slate of Officers and Directors for 2020-2021. I would like to also thank the membership who dutifully participated in the election of officers and board of directors during the February 2020 General Membership Meeting. 

Congratulations are in order for the newly elected NVC Foundation officers and board of directors. I am excited to announce the following 2020-2021 NVC Foundation Officers and Board of Directors:


     David Fukuhara

1st Vice President:         
     Danielle Higa

2nd Vice President:     
     Geri Lynne Egeler

     PJ Sugamura

Recording Secretary:        
     Steve Shinoda

Corresponding Secretary:
     Shizue Kaku


Shawn Brinsfield
Greg Egeler
Alexandra Higa
Dean Hoshizaki
Brian Imanishi
Denise Inaba
Les Inaba
Bev Kashino
Kerry Taniguchi
Susan Uyeji
Dale Watanabe
Craig Yamane

Moving forward, I am hopeful that a “less than” pragmatic focus will be needed from leadership. David Fukuhara, is a special leader who sees the broader picture with the ability to manage its parts. David has been involved with the NVC community throughout his life. Over the past two decades in particular, David played a critical role in shaping the organization we have today. He’s a proven, highly educated entrepreneur as well as a dedicated family man and community leader. I truly believe that his inspirational and nurturing leadership qualities enhanced our ability to enroll the next generation to willingly aspire and serve along his side.

In 2017, while I noted the tedious tasks of the Board and their responsibilities to address and manage the business affairs of the organization, in that same paragraph I acknowledged that further achievement of “meaningful community experiences” needed to be developed mindfully. Intentionally, I was hoping through the power of suggestion, to be able to rekindle the spirit of “harmonious collaboration” across organizational boundaries.  With that, I wanted to plant the seed of thought where the simple pleasures of having fun in volunteerism, providing meaning through discovery and learning, maintaining relationships, and making new acquaintances are delightful ways to serve the community. Yet, I need to point out that we can do better.

Mentioning areas of improvement may bring to some a sense of negative critical thought and criticism. That’s a matter of perspective. I believe that we live in a discontinuous world where change is natural. Life is impermanent and interconnected. By employing the habit of self-examination, we can use critical thought in a positive manner to achieve what our minds conceive. As we apply the frame of reference, that “we can always do better,” regardless of past experiences and outcomes, we can compassionately apply critical thought and learning to enhance future prospects and opportunities. This pattern of thought is consistent with our motto, “honor the past and educate the future.”

I want to thank you for allowing me to represent you as the NVC Foundation President. I would like to thank everyone who worked with me on the board. As I slip into the ranks of “Past Presidents,” I encourage you to gracefully participate and support our new leaders. This is a great team with whom I am confident will work to strengthen the NVC Foundation and its position in the community.