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Dear Japan Fair Committee and Supporters - Japan Fair 2020 Cancelled

April 2020, Volume 70, Issue 4

Dear Japan Fair Committee and Supporters,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the current situation surrounding COVID-19.

None of us would have ever thought that a pandemic would influence our community in so many ways. The closure of schools, hotels, restaurants, and sports clubs has impacted the local economy tremendously. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic calms down in the future, it will take much more time for small businesses to bounce back. We, the Japan Fair Board members, have been discussing and considering the feasibility of Japan Fair this summer.

We have to inform you of our difficult decision to cancel Japan Fair 2020. Instead, our community network will continue to support our art and culture by offering information and reaching out to the community virtually.

While the pandemic has brought us many difficulties, it is challenging us to find new ways of connecting communities. We will keep working hard on this mission for a united Japanese community. We are all grateful for your continued support.


Japan Fair Board:
Yuka Shimizu
Allen Nakamoto
Susumu Takahashi
Noriko Palmer
Tsutomu Sasaki