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Installation Banquet Keynote Speaker: Mitchell T. Maki, Ph.D.

February 2020, Volume 70, Issue 2

Dr. Mitchell T. Maki is the President and CEO of Go For Broke National Education Center, a non-profit organization committed to maintaining and contemporarily applying the legacy of the World War II Nisei veterans.

Dr. Maki is nationally recognized as a leader in the Japanese American community. He is the lead author of the award-winning book, Achieving the Impossible Dream: How Japanese Americans Obtained Redress, a detailed case study of the passage of the 1988 Civil Liberties Act. Dr. Maki has spoken nationally and internationally on numerous occasions to groups interested in the redress movement and is recognized as one of the leading scholars on the Japanese American redress movement.

He has been an active member of the Japanese American community and has served on the Board of Governors and Scholarly Advisory Councils of the Japanese American National Museum and Go For Broke National Education Center. He frequently presents on issues ranging from the Japanese American Redress movement to contemporary community issues.