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NVC Foundation President's Column

by David Fukuhara
December 2020, Volume 70, Issue 11

We are approaching the NEW YEAR, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone.

This has been the strangest year of any I can remember, dominated by politics and the pandemic.  Wearing masks, social distancing, limited travel, limited family gatherings, separation, isolation, and so many other changes that go against our nature all happened in 2020.

Yet despite the pandemic restrictions, the NVC Foundation and the NVC found ways to make this a very positive and productive year.  We continued to organize our monthly Board meetings, and in recent months, we even resumed our monthly membership meetings too – all on a virtual basis.

As the year went on, using creativity and determination, we found ways to celebrate some of our cherished traditions of Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and even the Chow Mein Dinner fundraiser, all using video and our computers.

For our Nisei, one of the most popular events is the badly missed Nisei Luncheon.  Prior to the pandemic, we held that event every month as a time to get together with friends and eat some really good food.  Last week, incredibly, Keith and Mary Ann Yamaguchi organized a “take-out and delivery” version of the Nisei Luncheon featuring Terry Takeuchi, of Terry’s Kitchen, who volunteered to make his famous prime rib.

This Nisei Luncheon spotlighted a number of volunteers from the NVC and NVC Foundation working together to provide just a bit of normalcy and goodness for the Nisei elders in our Community.  I drove around to deliver some of these prime rib lunches, and I saw firsthand how much of a positive impact this had, in lifting the spirits of our Nisei.

Speaking of Terry Takeuchi, we greatly appreciate that he has volunteered his time and money for decades, as a gourmet chef supporting the Nisei Luncheon.  So, I’d like to encourage our membership to frequently visit Terry’s Kitchen, located in the Newport Hills area of Bellevue. The food is great, and you can easily order by calling in or going online to his website.

In closing, I’d like to thank all of the Board, Officers, Members and Volunteers of the NVC Foundation and the NVC, for coming together to make 2020 such a great year for our organizations.  Despite the far-reaching impacts of the COVID pandemic, we were still able to accomplish a lot – and have fun while doing it.