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December 2020, Volume 70, Issue 11

General Fund
Steve Kato
William Sugahiro
Richard Tada

In Appreciation of the Kashino Family (Kris, Debbie and Bev)
Masako Kubo
Grace Uomoto

In Memory of Arthur and Kay Abe
Michael Abe

In Memory of Michi Murakami
Bruce and Janice Abe, Jolene (Chang), George and Sue Abe
Torrie Harano and Sid Nagendran
Joyce Miyabe
Craig and Sheila Omoto
Toshiko Okamoto

In Memory of Alice "Decko" Shibuya
Nina Chin

In Memory of Dr. Ben Uyeno
Allen and Cynthia Uyeno

In Memory of Junji Yukawa
George, Lillian and Kevin Kiuchi

NVC Chow Mein Dinner
Chin, Nina