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New Scholarship Opportunity

by Brianna Ishihara
October 2020, Volume 70, Issue 9

On behalf of Enoch Kanaya, the transitioning NVC Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the first annual Colonel Jimmie Kanaya Scholarship Award.

The Col. Jimmie Kanaya Scholarship application will be released in November 2020. This scholarship for $3,000 will be granted to a high school senior pursuing higher education at a community college, technical college, or four-year university.

Priority will be given to those wishing to apply based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, community service, and connection to the NVC through legacy or volunteerism.

Col. Jimmie Kanaya was born in 1920 in Clackamas, Oregon. Growing up, Col. Kanaya was fascinated by the military and enlisted in the Army in April 1941, eight months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Among several awards, Col. Kanaya received a battlefield commission while serving with the 442 Regimental Combat Team. This award is granted to enlisted soldiers who are promoted to the rank of commissioned officer for outstanding leadership on the field of battle.

After WWII, Col. Kanaya attended Military Intelligence Service Language School and continued to serve his country during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. In the evening, he attended night courses and received a Master’s Degree in Education.

For more information about the Col. Jimmie Kanaya Scholarship, please contact Brianna Ishihara at b.ishihara12@gmail.com