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Summit Sierra Students Visit NVC Hall

by Debbie Kashino
January 2020, Volume 70, Issue 1

Our neighbors up the street from the NVC Hall came to visit on December 19, 2019. Summit Sierra is a small college-prep public high school which provides a supportive learning environment for a diverse group of passionate young people. They are tuition free and include classes for students in grade 9-12.

Ninety of the Grade 10 students came in two groups.  The morning group heard Don Maekawa speak about his camp experiences, and the afternoon group listened to Ats Kiuchi’s story.  Both groups were given a tour of the hall by Chris Sketchley and Bruce Inaba.

Here are a couple of the notes they sent:

“The kids loved hearing from your tour guides and the speakers. This truly was one of the most amazing field trips I’ve ever been on! I can’t wait to come back next year.”

  • Beth McAloon, teacher

“One of the most impactful things that I did on the field trip yesterday was listening to the presenter at the Nisei Veterans Hall.  I think that the presenter was able to share an important part of his life that most people don't get the chance to listen in on. I know that for me it was most impactful because younger generations won't get the chance to hear these stories and learn from them. The generations to come will have to be taught through second-hand accounts, and I believe that they won't have the same connection to the stories and the facts that we can from seeing these people face to face.” 

  • Krina

“The most impactful thing was the speaker who went to the internment camps. I loved hearing him talking about his experience and what he went through because he was actually there. I can read about it all I want but he actually experienced the camps.”

  • Huck

Though our volunteers put in a long day, all agreed teaching the Japanese American WWII experience is well worth the time when the efforts are so appreciated.