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January 2020, Volume 70, Issue 1

Sakura, Frederick

In Appreciation of Nisei Lunch
Kozu, Mary and George

In Appreciation of NVC Tour
Fleming, Carol and Todd

In Memory of Arthur and Kay Abe
Abe, Michael

In Memory of Mae Deguchi
Takamura, Frieda

In Memory of Louise Kashino-Takisaki
Kossen, Bill

In Memory of Mary Otani
Locke, Norman
Muneta, Edward
Nakamura, Todd
Nakano, Terry
Otani, Julia and Ray
Takahashi, George
Yamagiwa, Jill

In Memory of Tomi Takano
Nakano, Terry

In Memory of Doug Tsujii
Narasaki, Carol and David Hatten

In Memory of George, Charlotte, and Mark Yamane
Jeff & Susie Yamane