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January 2020, Volume 70, Issue 1

Hashimoto, Glen
Sugahiro, William

In Appreciation of NVC Newsletter
Terada, Allan and Kayoko

In Appreciation of Nisei Lunch
Chin, Roberta Yagi and Steven
Ikeda, Victor and Mary
Umoto, Grace

In Celebration of Yuzo Tokita's 80th Birthday
Tokita, Goro and Hatsune

In Memory of Arthur Abe
Abe, Norman

In Memory of Mae Deguchi
Grimstad, Marcia & Gary

In Memory of Rose Fujinari
Kaku, Dale and Shiz

In Memory of Jimmie Kanaya
Okamoto, Toshi

In Memory of Louise Kashino
Fukano, Rose and Henry

In Memory of Mary Otani
Bytheway, Phil and Sherry
Ishimitsu, Vicky
Kaku, Dale and Shiz
Sommers, Wendy
Yamagiwa, Jill

In Memory of Peggie Shoji
Ohashi, Ben and Martha

In Memory of Tomi Takano
Kaku, Dale and Shiz

In Memory of Dean Tsuchida
Nakanishi, Roger and Chiho

In Memory of Doug Tsujii
Chin, Roberta Yagi and Steven