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Author and Screenwriter visit NVC

by Dale Watanabe
January 2020, Volume 70, Issue 1

Author Jamie Ford, who wrote the book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, visited the NVC Memorial Hall during the January 3rd Nisei Luncheon.  He was joined by a young screenwriter, Chloe Hung, who is tasked with writing a script to translate the book to the silver screen.  

The two came to Seattle to meet the people who experienced the curfew, removal, and incarceration of the Issei and Nisei.  They spent time with NVC and NVC Foundation Nisei at the Nisei Luncheon, received a tour of the Panama Hotel from owner Jan Johnson, and spent Saturday on Bainbridge Island at the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial with NVC Foundation member Matsue Watanabe, and other Nisei at the annual Mochi Tsuki at Woodward Middle School on Bainbridge.  They were grateful for the time that people spent with them.

There are still many stories out there if we ask.