NVC Newsletter

Annual NVC Summer Cookout

by Denise Inaba
September 2019, Volume 69, Issue 8

After skipping a year, the annual Summer Cookout was held on Saturday, August 24, at NVC Hall. We had over a hundred guests in attendance who were served a delicious steak or salmon dinner, rice, tsukemono, and cake. 

Drinks were served by bartenders Warren Higa, Robert Higa, and Walt Tanimoto.  Dinner was followed with the customary game of bingo, coordinated by Derek Ishihara, and Kyle and Kevin Fukuhara.

Although attendance is down from years back when we all used to sit and eat in the parking lot, the summer cookout continues to be a big social event for the NVC/NVCF members.

Many thanks to my co-chairs Lilly Tokita and GeriLynne Egeler.

I also thank the very loyal crew of volunteers who really made this event a success.  Couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Tsukemono Making: 

Coordinator: Les Inaba
Danielle Higa, Susii Higa, Warren Higa, Denise Inaba, Dale Kaku, Shizu Kaku, Ats Kiuchi, Junior Nagaki, Janice Nakamura, Carol Narasaki, Susan Uyeji, Keith Yamaguchi, MaryAnn Yamaguchi

“Day Of” Volunteers: 

Steak Grillers:  Les Inaba and Greg Egeler
General: Sue Beeson, Geri Lynne Egeler, Kevin Fukuhara Kyle Fukuhara, Alex Higa, Danielle Higa, Robert Higa, Susii Higa, Warren Higa, Sheri Hirai, Derek Ishihara, Elaine Ishihara, Dale Kaku, Shizu Kaku, Jenifer Kimura, Ats Kiuchi, Kevin Kiuchi, Betty Kobayashi, Bob Kobayashi, Brenda Matsudaira, Ida Matsudaira, Nadine Miyahara, Kim Muromoto, June Nakamoto, Renee Takeuchi, Rick Takeuchi, Kerry Taniguchi, Walt Tanimoto, Lilly Tokita, Jayna Umeda, Eric Uyeji, Susan Uyeji, Keith Yamaguchi, MaryAnn Yamaguchi, Tedi Yasuda and Diane Yoshihara

We look forward to next year!!!