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JGSDF Liaison Officers Reassigned

by Allen Nakamoto
August 2019, Volume 69, Issue 7

Since 2013, Seattle NVC has hosted an annual joint luncheon with the JBLM 7th Division and visiting Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF).  The luncheon is very popular with the US and Japanese troops and serves to educate and to share the legacy of the Japanese American veterans.  The 7th Division members learn of their connection to our MIS, and Japanese soldiers become aware of the Japanese American experience. 

The luncheon is supported by the Japan America Society and Sasakawa Peace Foundation, USA. It is attended by American and Japanese soldiers and Nikkei community members.  We are planning another luncheon this year on Sunday, September 8, starting at 10 AM in the NVC Memorial Hall.

Under a current operation treaty, the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force attends many joint training exercises with US forces.  In Washington State, JGSDF have an annual Rising Thunder exercise which is held at the Yakima Firing Range.  The NVC has been communicating with JGSDF about the joint luncheon through their liaison officer stationed at JBLM.  This year, the Liaison Officer LTC Fumio Takagi is being reassigned to Japan after 3 years of a successful tour of duty at JBLM.  LTC Takagi is relieved by MAJ Takaaki Fuwa. 

LTC Takagi and MAJ Fuwa attended our NVC Nisei lunch in July and met with Commander Tanimoto.  Commander Tanimoto presented LTC Takagi with our Challenge Coin for appreciation of his service.  LTC Takagi presented NVC with Japanese Sake as a parting gift.  Many of us at NVC will miss LTC Takagi, and we look forward to close cooperation with MAJ Fuwa.

From left to right Maj Takaaki Fuwa, NVC Commander Walt Tanimoto, and LTC Fumio Takagi. LTC Takagi presented to Walt Tanimoto sake and Walt Tanimoto presented to LTC Takagi a NVC challenge coin his departure gift.