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Bakery Booth at Chow Mein Dinner Raises Scholarship Funds

by Bev Kashino
August 2019, Volume 69, Issue 7

Thank you to all bakers and volunteers for enabling us to raise a record breaking $4,500, proceeds to go to the NVC Foundation Scholarship funds. Although we did not make apple pies in bulk this year, our bakers rose to the occasion to make this year’s fundraiser so successful!

Many thanks to the following for sharing their baking expertise and time volunteering at this year’s fundraiser.   We apologize for not acknowledging those bakers who we know dropped off their donations without being recognized.

Volunteers:  Bruce Inaba, Cameron Kato, Carla Lew, Carol Nichols, Craig Yamane, Debbie Kashino, Debbie Shimizu, Erin Kato, Louise Kashino, Michele Kenney, Nancy Nakatsu, Shelley Kato, Wendi Coombs.

Bakery Donors:  Anita & Mars Mikasa, Betty Williamson, Bev Kashino, Bruce Inaba, Buff Kohler, Carla Lew, Carla Mizuta, Carol Nichols, Carol Narasaki, Debbie Kashino, Debbie Shimizu, Elaine Yoshida, Erin Kato, Geri Lynne Nakao, Janet & Tom Kometani, Janet Yamaguchi, Janice Matsuoka, Joy Nishimura, Karissa Yamaguchi, Kris Terada, Lilly Kato, Linda Lemon, Louise Kashino, Ma Ikeda, Margaret Teramoto, Marilyn Akutsu, Mars Mikasa, Merry Ishino, Michele Kenney, Nancy Nakatsu, Pauline Yoshida, Shelley Kato, Sue Beeson, Sue Uriyu, Susan Asaba, Vicki Takahashi.