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Another Successful NVC Chow Mein Dinner!

by Denise Inaba
August 2019, Volume 69, Issue 7

Our annual NVC Chow Mein fundraiser was held on Sunday, June 30th, and we had another successful day thanks to our supporters who purchased dinner and raffle tickets.   We also thank the many generous donations made to NVC during the event.

It was nice to see diners in the gym on the newly renovated floor enjoying the company of their family and friends.  It was quite hectic in the gym as we served dine-in patrons and also prepared the take-out orders on the same floor.  However, it was a comfortable atmosphere, and this allowed everyone to linger and enjoy each other’s company.

The chow mein, fried chicken wings, and rice were purchased from New Star and Tai Tung restaurants.  This year, Les Inaba has taken charge of making the tsukemono, with the guidance of our great Tom Kometani, who no longer will be doing it.  Les is grateful for those who came the Tuesday before to help chop all of the cabbage.

The winner of our raffle which was a 55 inch TV, was Doug Tsujii.  We hope Doug is fully enjoying watching his favorite shows during his illness. This annual Chow Mein fundraiser for the NVC is to help maintain the Memorial Hall, Museum, and Memorial Wall. This event would not be possible without the continued support from our volunteers and committee members.

We want to thank all the volunteers for their dedication and help.  We are also thanking the very young…our future gosei little ones for helping out too!

Thanks to our many volunteers:

Kitchen Crew:  Eric Uyeji, Frank Tsuboi, Paul Murakami

Ticket Crew:  Junks Ikeda, Tom Kometani, Frank Shinoda, Don Maekawa, Dale Kaku, Walt Tanimoto

Raffle Tickets:  Shizu Kaku

Money Counting: Takaye Divina

Runners:  Mark Aratani, Greg Egeler, Warren Higa, Les Inaba, Jeff Nash, Zak Packerson, Zhisong Chen, Steve Ikeda, Brian Kaku, Tai Kaku, Kai Kubota, Burcu Gurcay-Morris, Bob Nakamura, Sato Okada, Sebastian Kaku, Theo Kaku, Rylen Nash

Take Out:  Sandra Fukuhara, Lauren Inaba, Leslie Inaba-Nash, Elaine Ishihara, Cathy Takisaki, Betty Kobayashi, Nadine Miyahara, Geri Lynne Egeler, Lauryn Takisaki, Jenifer Kimura, Tedi Yasuda, Diane Yoshihara, Susan Uyeji, Marina Seigel and Remy Nash

Dining In:  Lauren Ammerman, See Beeson, Ngoc Dinh, Ats Kiuchi, Andrea McQuate, Anita Mikasa, Marc Mikasa, Jonnie Narita, Lika Seigel, Emily Uyeji, Kaylee Uyeji, Stacy Uyeji, Michael Bayne, Sara Hodder, Charlene Lee, Bethany Narita, Machael Pascua, Princess Hall and Stan Shikuma

Traffic Control:  Terry Yaplee, Shawn Brinsfield, and Toshiaki Maeda

Security and Police Officer:  Kevin Aratani