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Keiro NW Announces Closure of Programs

by From the Keiro NW Board
May 2019, Volume 69, Issue 5

After examining several alternatives, the Board of Directors of Keiro NW has made the difficult decision to phase out and shut down several of its programs, including the Keiro Rehab & Care Center (i.e. the skilled nursing facility). Keiro NW has experienced financial losses for several years, and the Board stated drastic action is necessary to allow the best possibility of building a sustainable business and ensure continued community control.

The Board of Keiro NW conveyed their deep sadness in making the decision to close KRCC. They emphasized that the Japanese American community should be very proud of what was built years ago by the “Magnificent 7” and the thousands of people that have been served over the 40-year history of Keiro NW.

As announced at the Town Hall held on May 14, the Keiro NW Board of Directors has plans underway to research sustainability options for the remaining programs. The effort, led by Board President Tomio Moriguchi, is looking to raise $5M in the next 60 Days to evaluate and assess how to use the 1601 East Yesler property, as well as cover the shortfalls of the remaining programs. To be clear, Tomio stated, this money will not save Keiro Rehab & Care Center (the nursing home); the closure will proceed as planned.

What programs are affected by this decision?

  • Over the next 6 months, Keiro NW will phase out its skilled nursing and rehab program, affecting approximately 100 residents who are currently receiving long-term skilled nursing services.
  • Keiro NW’s Home Care program will also end, affecting 13 clients.
  • Keiro NW’s Continuing Education program will phase out through the end of the year, affecting approximately 700 participants.
  • Keiro NW’s Catering program will close sometime this summer.
  • Keiro NW’s Transportation program will close mid-summer, impacting the 1,300 trips taken each month.
  • Keiro NW’s support staff, corporate staff, and Senior Leadership will also phase out through the end of this year, impacting Keiro’s annual events, outreach, and philanthropy. 

The Keiro NW Board continues to accept questions from constituents and community members and will provide answers as soon as possible. Questions should be directed to: AskKNW@keironw.org or visit the Keiro NW FAQ page at: http://www.keironorthwest.org/faq/