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The Go For Broke Spirit Seeks Help Finding Vets and Families

by Debbie Kashino
April 2019, Volume 69, Issue 4

Shane Sato and Robert Horsting, co-authors of the 2nd edition of The Go for Broke Spirit are asking for our help in identifying and locating family members of the veterans listed below.  Though these veterans are not from the Seattle area, they are hoping someone among our readers may have some information.  If you have any, please contact Shane at shane@shanesato.com or Robert at natto41@sbcglobal.net

Among the Nisei veterans from around the country, they informed me there will be seven to nine Seattle veterans that will be featured in the 2nd Edition.  Once confirmed, I will announce their names. This book will be released in late fall of 2019.

Still Need Contact Info for Veteran and/or Family

Albert “Al" Takahashi, 100th B Co (LA, CA)

Frank Seto, 442nd Anti-Tank (LA, CA)

George Takabayashi, MIS (HI)

Hideto Kono, MIS (HI)

Horace Nakamura, MIS (LA, CA)

Kiyo Yamate, 442nd E Co (LA, CA)

Roy Nishio, 442nd Anti-Tank (LA, CA)

Tadashi Tojo, 522nd A Battery (HI)

Akira Akimoto, 100th HQ Co (HI)

Hideto Kono, MIS (HI)