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SPEAKER SERIES AD: Stan Shikuma, "Tule Lake: Resistance & Reconciliation"

April 2019, Volume 69, Issue 4

April Speaker Series:  Stan Shikuma – “Tule Lake:  Resistance & Reconciliation”

Guest speaker Stan Shikuma has been to every Tule Lake Pilgrimage since 1979 - about 20 in all.  He has organized the Washington-Oregon contingent for the Pilgrimage since 1982 and served on the Tule Lake Committee board for the last five years.  He has also served as leader for the hike to the top of Castle Rock for the last 15 years.

Stan’s family on his mother’s side was sent to Tule Lake, CA in May 1942, like most Japanese Americans in rural Western Washington.  Stan plans to speak about his family’s history, the history of a few other families who ended up in the Segregation Center, the origins and development of the Tule Lake Pilgrimage, important lessons learned and about many who lived through the experience.  He will make a case for listening to these stories and making sure they are captured and recorded so there is a complete picture of what the government did to the Japanese American community in WWII.