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74th Annual NVC and NVC Foundation Installation Luncheon

by Lilly Tokita, Susan Uyeji, and Walt Tanimoto
April 2019, Volume 69, Issue 4

On Saturday, 16 March 2019, the NVC and NVC Foundation celebrated the installation of new officers for the 2019 – 2020 year.

Bobby Kiga was back at the podium as the MC to provide direction and humor throughout the program, and Rev Kerry Kaino conducted the invocation and benediction.

Our Keynote Speaker was Colonel Keith Horikawa from Waihiwa, HI.  COL Horikawa served in today’s 100th Battalion as a fire support officer, battalion executive officer, and then later as the battalion commander.  He talked about his family connections to the 100 and MIS through his uncle and father.  COL Horikawa spoke about the unit’s history from the beginnings of the 100/442 through today’s operations.  [Editor’s note: You can read his full speech published in this newsletter. https://www.nvcfoundation.org/newsletter/2019/4/speech-by-col-horikawa-at-the-2019-nvcnvcf-installation-luncheon/]

We awarded four NVC and NVC Foundation members with the Commander’s and President’s Awards.  They were honored for their service and commitment to the NVC, NVC Foundation, and the community:

Rian Ebesugawa
Shiz Kaku
Junior Nagaki
Susan Uyeji

We also gave out six Scholarship Awards!  Past Foundation President and Scholarship Chair Debbie Kashino announced the scholarship winners and presented each with a $3,000 scholarship.

NVC/WAC Scholarship:
Erin Koto

NVCF Shiro Kashino Memorial Scholarship:
Drew Deguchi
Mark Yamane
Ren Watanabe
Alexa Yamane
Jeremy Miyake

Please read more about the scholarship winners in the March newsletter. We will also print each winner’s Legacy Essay in the newsletter; the first three are in this issue.

Both the NVC and Foundation acknowledged new life members.  Past NVC Commander Dale Watanabe announced the NVC had four new Life Members and the Foundation had six new Life Members.  Seven of the 10 new Life Members were called to the front and presented their Life Member Certificates and welcomed aboard!

Colleen Fukui-Sketchley administered the oath of office to install the new officers for both organizations.  Walt Tanimoto returns as the 65th Nisei Veterans Committee Commander and Warren Higa returns as the NVC Foundation President.  Please note Warren stepped up to the plate for a third consecutive term as the Foundation President.

I also want to thank the many VIP’s and guest who took the time out of their busy scheduled to attend and support the NVC and NVC Foundation installation.

Special thanks go to:

Installation Chair – Mike Yaguchi
Co-Chairs – Susan Uyeji and Lilly Tokita
Master of Ceremony – Bob Kiga

Walt and Lori Tanimoto           
Warren and Susi Higa           
Matsue Watanabe           
Lilly and Yuzo Tokita           
Dale and Shiz Kaku           
June and Allen Nakamoto           
Denise and Les Inaba

Lilly Tokita                       
Denise Inaba                       
Shiz Kaku                       
Carol Narasaki                       
Susan Uyeji

Program – Dale Watanabe
Thanks to Frank Tsuboi

Installation is one the five legacy events the NVC and Foundation carry on today. It has been held annually since 1946  and conducted at the Rainier Golf and Country Club since the 1970’s.  Each officer swore to perform the duties and responsibilities of their office to the best of their abilities, to conduct the duties of their office in the best interest of the NVC and NVC Foundation, and to uphold the constitution and by-laws of each organization respectively.