NVC Newsletter

King County Awards $2,500 Grant to the NVC

by Walter Tanimoto
March 2019, Volume 69, Issue 3

The NVC was awarded a grant for $2,500 from King County!

On February 1, 2019 King County Councilman Rod Dembowski presented a $2,500 check to the NVC!

The purpose of the $2,500 grant is a one-time funding strategy pursuant to the veterans, seniors, and human service levy to “convene community-building events and networks that increase social connections for veterans and military service members and their respective families in King County.”

Councilman Dembowski represents District 1 and is also an also a longtime friend of the Tokita family.  The Councilman is not new to the NVC; he has visited our Vets Hall before as a guest during the Tokita family New Years celebration at the Hall.  During the check presentation, NVC life member and Past Commander Yuzo Tokita introduced Councilman Dembowski and told a story of how they know each other.  In turn, Councilman Dembowski read a quote from a book about the Tokita family and abut Yuzo.

After the presentation of the $2,500 check, we all sat down for some Udon during the Nisei Lunch.

Thank you Councilman Dembowski, Chief of Staff Kristina Logsdon, and King County for remembering the NVC and Veterans!