NVC Newsletter

“It’s Time for Boys State and Girls State”

March 2019, Volume 69, Issue 3

Do you know a girl or boy who is a junior in high school?  If so, they are eligible to attend either Evergreen Girls or Boys State this summer.  Girls State is held at Central Washington University, on June 9-14.  Boys State is held at Warm Beach Campgrounds in Stanwood on June 15-21. The programs provide leadership skills and teaches about American government (Federal, State and Local) with hands-on participation.  Participants will go through elections of various offices and form their own government structures.

They could be elected as a US Senator, Representative, Governor, Mayor, Council member, and other key officials by campaigning for offices.  Additionally, they learn to write and pass legislation and understand the veto process.  Students will elect 2 US Senators who will spend a week in Washington DC later in the summer at Girls or Boys Nation with all expenses paid.  They will interact with prominent leaders, speakers, and other youth leaders.

Participants can have life changing experiences.  Over the years, the NVC has sponsored and sent students.  We work with American Legion Cathay Post 186.  There are scholarships available for youth to attend Girls State and Boys State.  The first 300 students get admitted.  For Boys, the deadline is May 15, 2019, and the on-line application at www.EvergreenboysState.org.  For Girls, the deadline is May 10, 2019, and the Girls state application is at www.walegion-aux.org.

To find out more information, contact Lloyd Hara, 206 283-9681 or email, hara9@comcast.net. Otherwise, you can contact the Legion directly by calling ALA Dept. Headquarters: 360 456-5995; or email to: secretary@walegion-aux.org. The state liaison person is Jan Sperry, janetk12345@comcast.net or Catherine Olson: army91c72y92r@gmail.com or 360 239 6383.

Boys State is sponsored by the American Legion, and Girls State is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary.