NVC Newsletter

Special Veterans Benefit

by Walter Tanimoto
December 2019, Volume 69, Issue 11

This may be of interest to veterans, or those who care for elder veterans who served but did not retire from the armed forces and were honorably discharged, or those who do not have a DoD Retiree ID Card but would like to access Commissaries, PX/BX’s, and Morale Welfare and Recreation Centers.

The Department of Defense announced expanded Commissary, Military Service Exchange (PX/BX), and Moral Welfare and Recreation (MWR) access effective 1 January 2020.  They also established a standard for physical access to military installations, meaning, if you do not have a Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC), you do not have access to these benefits.

This is a benefit you (Veterans) earned, and you should take advantage of it!

To find out how to get a VHIC or more on the new programs, click on the link below and read the article for details: