NVC Newsletter

Keith Yamaguchi Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

by Don Maekawa
December 2019, Volume 69, Issue 11

Keith was not able to attend the UWNAA Scholarship Reception on November 16, 2019, at the NVC Hall to receive the Award. It was accepted on his behalf by his wife Mary Ann from Harold Taniguchi, President of the UWNAA.

The Award reflects Keith’s dedication and many contributions to veterans and the community, especially the preservation and continuation of Japanese American values and legacies. A few of his notable achievements include work on the NVC Issei/Nisei Memorial Rock project, the Nisei Lunch Program, the Japanese American Viet Nam Veterans Reunion, the visit by speakers from Bruyeres, France (the town liberated in 1944 by the 442nd RCT), and the Minidoka Pilgrimage.

Congratulations to Keith for an honor well-deserved!