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Journey to Mosaic Visits NVC Memorial Hall

by Debbie Kashino
December 2019, Volume 69, Issue 11

The non-profit group, Journey to Mosaic, brings together Christians from diverse backgrounds for an interactive experience that explores the stories of Asian Americans, African Americans, Latinos, Native Hawaiians and Native Americans in the Northwest. The group has been visiting the NVC Hall since 2009 as part of their mission to educate and transform lives and communities.

On this 10-year visit, they heard speaker Don Maekawa recall his childhood experiences growing up in concentration camps at Tule Lake and Minidoka.  The group then had a tour of the hall with docents Chris Sketchley and Bruce Inaba.  A special tribute was made by Debbie Kashino to the memory of Sam Mitsui and Louise Kashino, both of whom were former speakers to this group.