NVC Newsletter

100th/442nd 75th Anniversary Tour of France Video Presentation

November 2019, Volume 69, Issue 10

100th/442nd 75th Anniversary Tour of France Video Presentation

Saturday, December 14th at 4 PM

NVC Memorial Hall
1212 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98144


A video production by Michael Izumi of “Zoom Video” will be presented detailing the July 5-16, 2019, tour to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Nisei fighting in France during WWII.  The film will be screened on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at the NVC Memorial Hall, 1212 South King Street, Seattle.

The tour began in Nice and visited Sospel, L’Escarene, and Menton for ceremonies commemorating what the Nisei soldiers dubbed “The Champagne Campaign”.

After celebrations in the French Maritime Alps and Riviera, the tour moved to the Vosges where they visited Bruyeres, Biffontaine, Laval sur Vologne, Belmont, and Brouvelieures.  Ceremonies were held at the 442nd Monument, Lost Battalion Monument, Yohei Sagami Monument, Tomosu Hirahara Square, Biffontaine, and Hill 617.  The group participated in the Bastille Day Ceremonies and parade through Bruyeres where Lawson Ichiro Sakai 442nd RCT E Co was presented with Honorary Citizenship.

The group also visited the American Cemetery at Epinal where 14 soldiers of the 100th/442ndare buried.  On the way back to Paris, they visited the American Cemetery at Lorraine to honor John and Victor Akimoto who are buried side by side.

The tour was led by Dr. Brian Yamamoto who also led the 70th Anniversary Tours to Italy and France.