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October 2019, Volume 69, Issue 9

In Appreciation of NVC Newsletter
Newlin, Sheila

In Appreciation of NVC/JUMP program
Larouche, Setsy and Claude

In Appreciation of Senior Lunch
Kohler, Buff and Carla Mizuta

In Memory of Edward Hiroo
Lee, Neva

In Memory of Roy Ikeda
Yoshida, Pauline and Elaine

In Memory of George Kakehashi
Searles, David and Sachiyo

In Memory of Louise Kashino
Bridges, Cynthia
Kohler, Buff and Carla Mizuta
Lee, Neva
Yoshida, Elaine and Pauline

In Memory of Joe Sasaki
Kiuchi, George and Lillian

In Memory of Raymond Sasaki
Russell, Marian

In Memory of Kaz Tanemura
Tanemura, Ron and Tina

In Memory of Doug Tsujii
Corey, Chin and Crash Dancers

In Tribute to Issei/Nisei Memorial
Nagaki, Junior and Janice Nakamura