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All NVC and NVC Foundation Members: Come to Vision 2025

by Walt Tanimoto & Warren Higa
October 2019, Volume 69, Issue 9

Dear NVC and NVC Foundation Members:

As a member of the NVC and/or the NVC Foundation, we cordially invite you to an important retreat scheduled for Saturday, November 9th, at the NVC Memorial Hall.  Please join the boards of the NVC and the NVC Foundation for this important gathering.

At the beginning of the year, we labeled the retreat Vision 2025, with a focus on looking ahead and jointly developing a clear sense of our Future:  A Future beyond the upcoming year. A Vision that captures our organizations’ growth into the next generation and with new members.

But we cannot create that Future without addressing our past activities and present issues.  So, at this retreat, each organization will update you on the key events and current issues of the day.  Equally important, we want to hear your thoughts, hopes, and desires during the facilitated discussions.  Our plan is to have open, sincere, thoughtful conversations that can build trust and cohesion between members and board.

The Retreat is open to all members, but we are requesting RSVPs by November 5th for the benefit of planning purposes.  Regardless of the number, the retreat format will be adjusted to accommodate the focus on getting a sense of what the membership is thinking and where you want to go.

We will start with a Coffee Social “meet and greet” at 8:30 am, then jump into the structured part of the Retreat at 9:00 am, to include introductions, ground rules of the day, and organizational updates.  The bulk of the morning will be dedicated to a discussion of the issues, challenges, and questions on your mind.  Please come prepared to actively participate to ensure we get it right. 

We will provide a light lunch followed by some next steps and close the retreat by 2:00 pm.

Our facilitator is Harold Taniguchi, with assistance from retired UW Professors Gail Nomura and Steve Sumida.

We look forward to seeing you on November 9th!

Walt Tanimoto                                                            Warren HIga
Commander, NVC                                                       President, NVC Foundation
wttanimoto@gmail.com                                             warren.j.higa@gmail.com