NVC Newsletter

NVC Foundation Donations

December 2018, Volume 68, Issue 11

General Fund           
Pauline Miyata           
Jeff Yamane            
YourCause , LLC Trustee for Boeing          

In Memory of Pui C Barker           
Sue Chin and Amy Chin          

In Memory of Lance K Chin           
Sue Chin and Amy Chin

In Memory of Brian M Fujita           
Mayme Fujita, Austin Fujita & Sue Chin

In Memory of Jack T Hori           
Michael Hori

In Memory of Ronald M Komatsu           
Sue Chin

In Memory of Tosh Okamoto            
Masako Tomita

In Memory of Sue Oshita           
Diana and Andrew DaMiano           
Susan Roberts

In Memory of Ray Sasaki           
Jerry and Phyllis Sera

In Memory of Henry Yorozu           
Judy Yorozu

In Memory of Kimberly Young           
Sue Chin

In Appreciation of NVC Hall Tour by Bruce Inaba           
Atlas Obscura Society Seattle

In Appreciation of the Nisei Lunch           
Kiyo Toda