NVC Newsletter

New NVC Gym Floor

by Dale Kaku
December 2018, Volume 68, Issue 11

After more than 70 years of constant use, the NVC Memorial Hall gym floor has been replaced.  In addition to replacing the worn flooring, the new floor will help to reduce the vibrations and noise in the lower meeting rooms during events in the gym.

Exact records are not available, but it is assumed the current maple floor was installed by the Nisei Veterans in the early 1950’s.  When the current floor was removed, another flooring of hemlock was discovered, with basketball court markings.  Though the building was initially a Japanese martial arts hall build in 1937, basketball was also played in the gym before purchase by the Nisei Vets.

During the removal of the old floor, it was found that in many places the maple flooring was not installed on the old hemlock floor, but on shims to level the floor. Additionally, the old flooring foundation was not always firmly nailed to the floor beams, resulting in “soft” areas on the playing floor. The new floor was installed directly on the support structure with insulation between two sheets of plywood.  The added layers increase the height of the floor approximately 1/2 inch.   

In order to keep cost lower, it was initially decided to just repaint the floor with basketball and pickle ball markings, as before.  However, Larry Gojio and his Sunday basketball players offered to design and help pay for the coloring and NVC logo on the floor.  The colors and logo make the floor look very impressive.

For the first time since the 2008 renovation of the Memorial Hall, the halls and stairs have been refinished.  The floor seemed to be in excellent shape, but closer inspection revealed the wear over the past 10 years.

 The new floor and the hall resurfacing were financed by NVC and revenue from the 2017 NVC Foundation Luau.