NVC Newsletter

Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice Now Available

by Holly Yasui
December 2018, Volume 68, Issue 11

The final cut of Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice is completed, and we feel that distribution and discussion of our film and the Fight for Justice is more important than ever.

The final film includes additional scenes about Min Yasui’s postwar life and work, including the JACL campaign for citizenship rights for Japanese American immigrants; Min Yasui’s cross-cultural community work; the national redress movement; and the reopening of Min Yasui’s legal case in the 1980s.

Our educator consultants recommended that we make the film less than one hour long in order to be used in classrooms, so the new, final 56-minute version is more concise and complete than prior versions. We will be submitting the finished product to film festivals and national public television stations as well as making it available to schools, libraries, museums and community centers.

Please contact us at info@minoruyasuifilm.org to arrange for a screening of the film for your organization or classroom with or without speakers.

Up until now, all screenings have been a work-in-progress, covered through foundation funding. Now that the film is completed, we are offering it as part of the full educational package to community organizations and schools. All proceeds support the continuing work of the Minoru Yasui Legacy project.

The Never Give Up! Educational Package, to be completed in January 2019, will consist of the 56-minute version and/or the 46-minute shortened version with closed-captions and Spanish language subtitles, video “extras” (mini-films and illustrated interviews, and primary source materials (legal and historical documents). Please contact us for the price list for nonprofit and educational users. We are offering a 10% discount until December 31, 2018 to institutions and individuals who pre-order the DVD or online educational package. For information or to place an order, please contact Oregon Nikkei Endowment at info@oregonnikkei.org.