NVC Newsletter

Commander's Column

by Walter Tanimoto
December 2018, Volume 68, Issue 11

Akemashite Omedetō GozaimasuHappy New Year!

Warren and I wish everyone a Happy New to the Year of the Boar in 2019!

We would like to share the Season’s Greeting New Year message we sent to the North American Post.  We realized some of you both in and out of Washington State may not read the community newspaper, so we thought we should share our message in the newsletter.

And a reminder about 2019 executive council and board nominations at the January 2019 membership meeting.


Season’s Greetings from the Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC) and NVC Foundation and a big “Thank You!” for your support throughout 2018!

The NVC has been on King Street in Seattle, WA since 1951; the NVC Foundation (NVCF) has been there since 2005.  Throughout the years we have seen many changes in our neighborhood, but what has not changed is the commitment from our membership and the support from the community.

Our membership includes veterans and the families of veterans who served in any wars or conflicts from World War II to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As stated in the NVC Constitution, we strive to “promote and protect the American way of life . . . set forth by the Constitution of the United States….”, and “…to perpetuate the historical preservation and sharing of the legacy of the NVC and to carry on the patriotic, social, charitable, and educational objectives as originally formed and organized.”

Our success in continuously supporting our mission is attributed to the support we receive from members, and also from the community.  Our community encompasses not only those within the Nihonmachi area, but also others from communities across our wonderful nation, including other affinity organizations; Greater Puget Sound military units, and our friends from the Consulate General of Japan in Seattle.

Our mission is more relevant today than ever as we fight the global war on terror and its effects on all of us in our local area. We welcome our neighbors to come and visit the NVC Memorial Hall; to participate in our events and activities; and to learn how NVC and NVCF services and activities propagate our motto of “Honoring the Past and Educating the Future.”

We also want to thank all first responders and military service members for keeping us safe and for defending freedom around the world.

Happy Holiday Season!  With warm appreciation of our association during the past year, we extend our very best wishes for the season, and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year!

Walter T. Tanimoto                                                  Warren Higa

Commander – Nisei Veterans Committee           President – NVC Foundation